A message from Dr. Moughni

Greetings Henry Ford Community,

Today has been a very sad and tragic day for all of us as we continue to grieve the loss of one our students.  Throughout the day I have been in contact with the family, Superintendent Maleyko and his administrative team, and our entire district crisis team. There is a plan in place to help our students, staff, and parents as they arrive at school on Monday morning.  All of us, working together, will be able to help each other through this very difficult time.

All of our energy is focused on helping the family and our school community.  Anytime there is such a tragic event such as this we are left asking so many questions. Why did this happen? How did this happen? Out of respect for the family during this time of mourning we are asking that individuals refrain from speculating at this time.  I do feel it is important to assure the students and parents of Henry Ford Elementary School that this incident is not the result of a school safety concern and our school continues to be a safe haven for your children.

With deepest sympathies,

Dr. Adnan Moughni


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  1. Very well articulated. Good luck with the week and you’re all doing a great job bringing and easing the community as it brings itself back together. Prayers for all affected.

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