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2 thoughts on “Newsletters and Notices”

  1. Hi Madam/Sir,

    My name is Dibyarup Mitra. I stay in kolkata, India and work in Cognizant Technology Solutions. I will be transferred to Dearborn, MI in November ’17 beginning to work in a project for Ford Automobile Company and will be staying there for minimum 1 year with chances of getting extended even longer. I have a daughter Rohana who has just turned 5 this September and currently doing her elementary level schooling in a local school in Kolkata. Once getting transferred there, I have to make her admission again to elementary level to continue her schooling.

    I humbly request you to please see if she can be taken into your esteemed institution to continue her schooling once I reach Dearborn, MI.

    Thanking you.

    Best regards,
    Dibyarup Mitra

    • Hello, Welcome to Dearborn! Whether you are enrolled in our school will depend on where you are living. I am adding an enrollment link so that you can see how registration for school in Dearborn works.
      This link should tell you which documents are needed to register and help you with getting Rohana enrolled and started in school here.
      Best Wishes,
      Mrs. Nancy Hmayed

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