Henry Ford Elementary School

School Policies


Student Absences

If your child is going to be absent, Henry Ford School has a 24 hour attendance telephone number that is available for you.

Please call in your child’s absence by 9:10 a.m. Our  attendance telephone number is (313) 827- 4701.

Please make sure children are in school by 9:00 a.m. and avoid picking them up before 3:55 p.m.

Drop off and pick up rules

The school buses drop off and pick up children on Driscoll and Mercury Drive.

Children are instructed by the staff to stay back at least 30 feet while waiting for a bus, and to move far away from the bus when getting off. Please remind your child to keep a safe distance from the bus when loading or getting off.

Parents who drive their child to school should drop them on Driscoll only.

When parents come to pick up their child, there is no parking, standing or waiting in cars on Driscoll. Please park in our main lot and walk across the street to pick up your child.

Warm Clothing

When the weather begins turning cooler, children need to wear jackets, sweaters or sweatshirts to school. Henry Ford students go outdoors for recess unless it’s raining. Please make sure they are dressed for the weather.

Toys, Games, Radios and Card Collections

Children should not bring these items into school unless the teacher has arranged for a “show and tell” activity. These items distract children from learning. Please help your child to remember to leave these items at home.

Medication in School

If at all possible, all medications should be given at home. If your child must take medications at school, please obtain a “Medical Authorization Form” from the school office. Both the parent and the physician must sign the form. (This includes non prescription drugs such as aspirin, cold remedies and even cough drops). No child should have any prescription or non-prescription drug in their possession at school or on the bus.