Staff Contacts

Our School Staff

Position/Grade Level Name Email Address Website
Principal Dr. Moughni
Assistant Principal Mr. Kamel Bazzi
Secretary/Office Manager Ms. Korhonen
Secretary/Attendance Ms. Thomas
Clerk/Receptionist Mrs. Hussein
Kindergarten Team
 Kindergarten Mrs. Badwi  Mrs. Badwi’s Blog
 Kindergarten Ms. Shelton  Mrs. Shelton’s Blog
 Kindergarten Ms. Fadhl  Ms. Fadhl’s Blog
 Kindergarten Ms. Isham  Mrs. Isham’s Blog
Kindergarten Mrs. Hutchinson Mrs. Hutchinson’s Blog
 Kindergarten Ms. Burks  Mrs. Burks’ Blog
1st Grade Team
1st Ms. Alaouie  Ms. Alaouie’s Blog
1st Mrs. Dennett  Mrs. Dennett’s Blog
1st Ms. Hartmus  Mrs. Hartmus’ Blog
1st Ms. Georgis  Ms. Georgis’ Blog
1st Ms. Locke/Mrs. Baydoun

Room 127’s Blog
 1st Ms. Bazzy  Ms. Bazzy’s Blog
2nd Grade Team
2nd Ms. Ballnik  Mrs. Ballnik’s Blog
2nd Ms. Herrod  Mrs. Herrod’s Second Grade Spot
2nd Ms. Sareini  Mrs. Sareini’s Blog
2nd Ms. Hassan Ms. Hassan’s Blog
2nd Ms. Spencer  Mrs. Spencer’s Blog
2nd Ms. Ismail Ms. Ismail’s Blog
3rd Grade Team
3rd Ms. Farhat  Mrs. Farhat and Mrs. Ninkovich’s Blog
3rd Ms. Fawaz
3rd Ms. Saad>
3rd Mrs. Hammoud
3rd Ms. Ninkovich  Mrs. Farhat and Mrs. Ninkovich’s Blog
 3rd Ms. Venis  Mrs. Venis’ Blog
3rd Ms.  Saab
4th Grade Team
4th Ms. Zeghir  Ms. Zeghir’s Blog
4th Mrs. Brady  Mrs. Brady’s Blog
4th Ms. Black
4th Ms. Hassan  Ms. Hassan’s Blog
4th Ms. Ismail
4th Ms. Fouani
 4th Ms. Sharif
5th Grade Team
5th Ms. Abraham  Mrs. Abraham’s Blog
5th Ms. Beydoun
5th Ms. Makowski
5th Ms. Makled  Mrs. Makled’s Blog
5th  Ms. Santoro  Mrs. Santoro’s Blog
Resource, Interventionists and Special Area Teachers
Science Enrichment Mrs. McCormick  Mrs. McCormick’s Science Blog
Music Mrs. Bagnell  Ms. Groosbeck’s Blog
Music Ms. Holmes  Ms. Holmes’ Blog
Library/Technology Mrs. Hmayed  Mrs. Hmayed’s Library Blog
Art Ms. Dematteis  Mrs. DeMatteis Art Blog
PE Ms. Suarez  Mrs. Suarez’s Blog
Resource Ms. Lazar  Mrs. Lazar’s Blog
Intervention/Coach Mrs. Meseroll  Mrs. Meseroll’s Blog
PE Ms. Beck Ms. Beck’s Blog


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