Staff Contacts

Our School Staff



Ms. Lamis Srour –

Assistant Principal

Ms. Samantha Lamberti –

Administrative Intern

Ms. Nicole Rabac-

Office Staff

Ms. Sharon Korhonen –

Ms. Maggie Thomas –

Ms. Nesrine Hussein –


Staff blogs are linked below– many of our teachers also communicate with parents via class dojo!


GSRP Preschool

**Please contact Cotter Early Childhood Center 313-827-6150 regarding registration to our GSRP program**

Ms. Reid & Ms. Hamade

Ms. Werner & Ms. Nasser


Young 5’s Kindergarten

Ms. Badwi blog – 



Ms. Burks blog –

Ms. Dennett blog –

Ms. Fadhl blog –

Ms. Hutchison blog –

Ms. Isham blog –


1st Grade

Ms. Alaouie blog –

Ms. Baydoun blog –

Ms. Brown

Ms. Charboneau blog-

Ms. Georgis blog –

Ms. Locke blog –


2nd Grade

Ms. Ballnik

Ms. C. Hammoud

Ms. Hassan

Ms. Herrod

Ms. Sareini

Ms. Spencer


3rd Grade

Ms. Fawaz

Ms. R. Hammoud

Ms. Mualem

Ms. Ninkovich

Ms. Ghinwa Saab

Ms. Linda Saab blog-

Ms. Venis


4th Grade

Ms. Ahmad

Ms. Alheyasi

Ms. Christoff blog –

Ms. Mozham

Ms. Sharif

Ms. Srour


5th Grade

Ms. Abraham

Ms. Awada

Ms. Bazzi

Ms. Beydoun

Ms. Fouani

Ms. Hadwan


Special Area Teachers

Ms. Beck (Physical Education)

Ms. Suarez (Physical Education)

Ms. Russell (Art Education)

Ms. Bruce (Art Education)

Ms. Stewart (Art Education)

Ms. Holmes (Music Education)

Ms. Cook (Music Education)

Ms. McCormick (Science Enrichment)

Ms. Burek (Science Enrichment)


Support Staff

Ms. Lybik (Instructional Coach)-

Ms. Meseroll (Instructional Coach)-

Ms. Bondy (Early Childhood Specialist)-

Ms. Leone (Early Childhood Specialist)-

Ms. Brady (Title I Resource)-

Ms. S. Beydoun (Title I Resource)-

Ms. Zeghir (Title I Resource)-

Ms. Baydoun-Bazi (ELD Specialist)-

Ms. Rababeh (ELD Specialist)-

Ms. Saad (ELD Specialist)-

Ms. Check (Special Education)-

Ms. Doupounce (Special Education)-

Ms. Elaswad (Speech Pathologist)-

Ms. Macari (Speech Pathologist)-

Ms. A. Beydoun (Social Work)-

Ms. Zaarour (Social Work)-

Ms. Haddix (School Psychologist)-

Ms. Nasser (SRT)-


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